¡HOPE! is a short doc film about the transformation of emotions & identity. Rajae El Mouhandiz is: Woman, Moroccan, Algerian, Dutch, Arab, Berber, Muslim, Western, European, Immigrant…. Artist. She is known as a powerful artistic voice & a music pioneer.

In the summer of 2012, Rajae wakes up at night. She realises that it has been 18 years since she left her nest to beam light onto the universe and into people’s hearts. A milestone and a sentence…. It took Rajae 18 years to find the right words: Why she struggles with her existence Why music saved her life. Why she dares to live her dreams. Why she needs to be a game changer. With this film Rajae wants to open a much needed dialogue about the acceptance of Muslim women in the performing arts and in the music industry, as well as reactions to their public presence in the world. 

Credits: Wicked Stylish presents: A film by Creative Artistic Featuring Rajae El Mouhandiz 
Written by: Rajae & Robert Dume 
Director: Creative Artistic/ Mike Wennekes
Cinematographer: Stephan Schmidt 
Grading & online: Dave de Vaal 
Styling: Fatima Essahsah 
Make up Artist: Hanae Al Hadji & Sandy Nilessen 
Score by: Coen Molenaar