‘Meer Marokkanen’ Party & Facebook community

On Saturday May 10th 2014, a party was held in Amsterdam for more Moroccans in our country. The aim was to celebrate dutch Moroccans as a respons to political bigotry.

The party was a response to the televised statement of PVV leader Geert Wilders during election time (“Less Moroccans, we’re going to fix that!”). The initiative turned out to be a great success on Facebook. The Facebook page “More Moroccans” gained more than 15,000 likes in one week. The party in the Tolhuistuin was “for everyone who wants to have a party,” Rajae El Mouhandiz said on behalf of the organisation on Radio 1. According to Mouhandiz, the presence of dutch Moroccans is a much discussed and debated topic in the Netherlands. That is why, according to her, it’s time for a good Moroccan themed party, that celebrates all the great aspects of Moroccan culture.

Tagline: More fun, more culture, more Moroccans! We’re going to fix that!