Diversity in culture: Why and how?

A question that is often asked is: is the representation in/of the Dutch arts/cultural sector sufficiently reflective of today’s society? The answer seems to be no. The current Dutch arts and culture offerings and new culturally diverse audiences still do not find each other enough. Whilst new and/or young makers, who can reach these new audience groups, have few opportunities to develop, to enrich and grow their art practices. The will seems to be there, but the data is clear, diversity in the Dutch cultural sector is below par.

In Rotterdam too, the question was asked: do we see all inhabitants of Rotterdam represented in the cultural institutions? Do cultural institutions sufficiently respond to the changing demands of the public? Can everyone’s story be heard or seen somewhere? Do new and/or young makers easily find their way to stages, audiences and funds?

Rajae El Mouhandiz conducted a study to answer the above questions. Rotterdam Festivals supported the presentation and publication of the results in June 2017.