Music composing, recording, producing, performing

After being the first Moroccan to study at a Dutch conservatory at the age of 16, Rajae El Mouhandiz left classical music at the age of 20 to follow her own artistic path, seeking to incorporate her cultural roots. Resulting in an extensive and all round skill set.

Rajae has established a career as a professional singer, composer, recording artist and producer. Over the years she has recorded and performed in The Netherlands, Morocco, the UK, Turkey, Qatar, France, Belgium, Spain and the USA, with producers who’s clients include Barbara Streisand, Aaliyah, Ziggy Marley and 2Pac. At the age of 25 she started her own music label and published the albums Incarnation, Hand of Fatima, the EP Watani and the single Gracefully.

Her close friendship with the grandson of Malcolm X, resulted in a song, music video, and portrait, titled Malcolm Lateef Shabazz. Rajae is a well sought after recoding vocalist for the sounddesign of several corporate clients and international Arab radio stations, such as MBC FM Saudi, Panorama FM Saudi, Power FM, Lebanon and Radio al Rabia, U.A.E. As a creative producer Rajae has worked for corporate clients such as NIKE, TNT, Maersk, Vodafone, Samsung, Sybase and Rotana. In 2017 she recorded and filmed in Casablanca, Morocco, resulting in the unreleased song titled Close to the Water.

Last summer she collaborated with the Rotterdam based orchestra Sinfonia Rotterdam, and together they performed four of her songs, with arrangements for orchestra and voice. In 2020 Rajae is planning to record new music with beautiful arrangements and a timeless universal sound. Rajae is currently also mentoring new talent and often invited to lecture at various art academies, universities and institutions about her interdisciplinary work en methodology.

Photo by: Afagh Morowatian