Work with us

Work with us

Ellae is a creative impact platform, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

It is Ellae’s experience that inclusivity only works when it resonates through all layers of the organisation: from art direction to marketing, from business development to communication. 

Ellae produces interdisciplinary art products. Ellae performs, curates, does fundraising, content marketing and PR. We have a big appetite for knowledge and an insatiable need to understand and improve systems. In our reality diversity is not a strategy, but should be a core identity. 

Ellae has an international network. We use multi-platforms and various disciplines to raise awareness, inspire, facilitate engagement and push society forward…with good vibes and positive impact. 

Ellae believes in storytelling, in researching, in learning, connecting, sharing, raising awareness and building stronger and wiser communities. We work with art institutions by redefining their role in society. We also work with the periphery -the creatives, the makers, the small organisations and foundations- where everyone works at their own cost. Ellae aims to tackle inclusivity from every possible angle. 

What can Ellae do for you?

Since the launch of Ellae, our inbox is flooded with requests from creatives and organisations for support, advice and insights.

Over the years Ellae has learned what works, what hurts and where the system is still blocked. The data doesn’t lie: there is a huge gender gap in the arts/culture/media sector. Meanwhile, organisations are still figuring out the meaning of inclusion. 

This means that apart from making art ourselves we will be dedicating a big part of our time and knowledge to ‘upgrading the system’ and accelerating change. Meanwhile, we keep an eye on data that will prove over time that the gender gap is decreasing and inclusion and diversity are normalising. Once we can measure that the gender gap is decreasing and inclusion & diversity are normalised, we will shift more of our time and focus on the development and production of artistic products. 

This circular way of working is why Ellae exists and we hope we can help you eradicate the gender gap, help you embrace and implement diversity/inclusion on a practical level and help you create personal creative impact + creative impact on a professional and institutional level. 

For institutions & organisations

Ellae offers inspiration, training, workshops and one-on-one consultancy to organisations who want to work with new narratives, new audiences and creative makers. 

Inspiration, knowledge & advice

Ellae offers inspiration, advice and practical tools to help your organisation turn gaps and blind spots into opportunities, and then help you implement change and create impact.

To do this we offer keynotes, lectures, talks and we advise organisations, institutions, local and national governments on art policy. 

Workshop & training

We also workshop and train institutions, leaders and professionals to raise awareness, embrace change and help you find tangible opportunities for creative impact.

To discuss options and rates, please fill out the contact form below.

For creative talent

We workshop and train talent, individually or in groups, to share knowledge and help design career paths. Ellae also does matchmaking between peers and with organisations and institutions. 

For creative talent with a budget

Talents with a budget who need mentorship or help with career advice and PR, please fill the contact form below. Please give us more insights in your dreams and ambitions by filling out this questionnaire (in dutch). 

For creative talent without a budget

Talents with no budget, please fill in this questionnaire (in dutch) and we’ll invite you to our events, workshops and matchmaking events.