Ellae strengthened NITE/Club Guy & Roni in 2020 and 2021 through curation of the NITE hotel, consulting and program development. Image credit: NITE/Club Guy & Roni

Virtual theater & stage for new storytelling formats

Curation for NITE hotel / Club Guy & Roni

In 2020 / 2021, Rajae took on the curation of the NITE Hotel.

During the COVID pandemic, an open call OPEN NITES was put out where multiple talents, space and budget were given to research, make and present their own work at this BIS company. Rajae was then asked to join the artistic team, where she provided input and networking to Guy Weizman, Roni Haver and the team in addition to curating the NITE hotel, conceiving and executing several other formats. She also developed and produced a series of mini video lectures for the Borderless NITES series and a NITE Hotel symposium during the Theater Festival.