Modest Fashion

an international phenomenon in art and fashion
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It is something new and a multi billion-dollar industry: Modest Fashion. You may have never heard of it, you may already be wearing it. Stedelijk Museum Schiedam is the first museum in the Netherlands to showcase this international fashion phenomenon with work by contemporary designers combined with contemporary art.

The creations of the Modest Fashion vanguard are fashionable and covered. Women who do not want to participate in the “aesthetics of the naked” wear it, religious or not. Whereas the miniskirt was once seen as a feminist statement, now women want to be free and decide how to show themselves to the world: choose yourself! The exhibition marks the 100-year anniversary of women’s suffrage in the Netherlands and celebrates that 100 years ago the first woman was elected into the city council of Schiedam and 101 years ago the first woman was elected into Dutch parliament.


This exhibition is a spin-off of Rajae El Mouhandiz’ music theatre show Home, Displaced #2. Rajae’s research on the space women can take up, evolved into the conception and curation of the exhibition.


Alongside the exhibition a whole series of spin-offs and events were created. A series of Fashion Fairs, a Modest Fashion Symposium, a Talent Lab, a Podcast series in collaboration with VPRO Nooit meer Slapen and a 36 page magazine special in collaboration with fashion magazine Nouveau. The exhibition was officially openend on 21/09/2019 by the minister of Education, Culture and Science Ingrid van Engelshoven (read her opening speech here (in Dutch).

VR experience

The exhibition can also be viewed virtually with an Oculus, VR-i or Google Cardboard. This makes it possible to virtually walk through the museum from any platform and even with 3D glasses at home! In collaboration with Think Fashion/Modest Fashion Weeks, a Stedelijk Museum Schiedam Art Point was set up during Think Fashion Amsterdam Modest Fashion Week, 14-16 December 2019, offering the VR experience to its visitors. You can still view the exhibition virtually here. (use an Oculus or other VR tools for a VR tour.)