Thuis, Ontheemd #2

The music theater performance Thuis, Ontheemd # 2 by Rajae El Mouhandiz goes beyond the culture clash and frankly discusses the space that a woman can occupy. From December 7, 2018 to April 26, 2019, she toured the Netherlands with her solo performance in theaters all over the Netherlands 
Tribute to women

In Home, Displaced # 2, Rajae El Mouhandiz brings an ode to women based on 17 examples. Among other things we meet her mother Habiba, who divorces her husband in 1982, even though until 2004 divorce by women is forbidden by law in Morocco and by her family. But then she finds out the raising five children on your own in a foreign country might be an inhumane task.

Produced in 2018 in collaboration with theater Luxor in Rotterdam. Director: Wieke ten Cate. Script: Annet Bremen, Visuals: Bouba Dola, Music: Bamba Al Mansour & Rajae. Scenography: Vera Selhorst. Production: Andrea van Bussel. The piece was performed in theaters in the Netherlands.

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