Our core identity

Ellae = for creative makers.

Creativity is a super power: it fuels our humanity. We believe in an inclusive arts sector / creative industry, in which talent is valued, nurtured, celebrated, recognised and offered fair pay.

Ellae = for institutions, organisations and corporations, both inside and outside of the creative industry.

We believe that diversity is not a strategy, but our core identity. Therefore organisations who want to work with new narratives, new audiences and makers, need to grow and evolve into this new reality. Our experience is that inclusivity only works when it resonates through all layers of organisation, business structure, choice of partners, artistic direction and communication.

Ellae = feminine, fluid, inclusive and non-binary.

The world needs more feminine energy… which is wholesome, inclusive, healing and fluid. A safe world where you can grow, breathe, heal, recharge yourself, be badass and bloom. We are a community applauding you. Where you can come as you are. Where you don’t have to be shy and where you can shine your unique, beautiful light onto the world, as you are.

Ellae = 4th wave feminism.

A young generation of thinkers, creatives and do-ers are disrupting old-school networks, narratives, methods and artistic spaces. They are helping make this world more equal and more beautiful. An inclusive world, which believes in checks and balances, in East/West/North and South… 

We at Ellae believe in unity, instead of polarity, and we believe in a reality where patriarchy is and will remain history… a world in which you are no longer kept in the dark, asked to kindly shut up, be a muse, not a maker, or even worse.. shrink. 

We believe in a world which undoes that and which celebrates a diversity of unique talent and voices. Ellae aims to create balance, to speed up processes, to undo the gender gap and the shrinking of beautiful souls. A place where we have all read Chimamanda’s “We should all be feminists” and internalised it. A feminism which acknowledges and applauds Emma Watson’s HeForShe initiative: a fourth wave feminism, which includes men, is non-binary and believes in reciprocity and solidarity.

Ellae = multidisciplinary.

We believe in storytelling, in researching, learning, connecting, sharing, raising awareness and building stronger and wiser communities. Within art institutions, redefining their role in society and its complexities and within the underground, the periphery. We have an international network, we use multi-platforms, and various disciplines to raise awareness, to inspire, to facilitate engagement and push society forward…with good vibes and positive impact.