= knowing

Ellae knows the power of art. Art touches people with stories and shares previously unknown, unseen and unheard perspectives. It has the power to bring people together and to globalise collaboration. Therefore, art is a unique communication tool and the most valuable super power we possess.

= striving

Ellae sets goals for an inclusive arts sector, where all artists can share their story. We strive for a healthy climate and fair pay for makers. We aim to create neutral and safe spaces for women to explore and use their artistic freedom.

= empowering

Ellae empowers female artists and makers by guiding them in the pursuit of their dreams and goals. We give artists a(n) (online and offline) platform and international network of (people and institutions). Ellae also wants to know how we protect our girls and women. How we create space for freedom of expression and self-determination. How we neutralise and balance the current narrative with our actions.

= researching 

Ellae wants to know more about representation of the feminine narrative in the creative industries. Therefore, we ask the difficult questions and do the necessary research to find answers. We use our research to create awareness, build legit argumentation and change the discourse. We want to know where female representation in the arts currently stands, so we can decide what needs to be done and where we are headed.

With our projects and partnerships we boost new insights into:

  • the current representation of female artists
  • the challenges they face towards building a successful practice
  • career progress towards a creative industry that is aware of the lack of female representation
  • what people, institutions and companies can do to make a positive change for balance and equity.

= providing

Ellae provides a space where women’s rights are protected and extended through the power of creative energy. We produce artistic products and experiences and provide partnerships and sanctuaries. We are a platform for creative impact with an emphasis on healing, social cohesion and interaction.

= increasing/awareness

Ellae increases awareness of individuals and institutions that want to make a difference, but don’t know how. We build sustainable networks, create opportunity, and bridge gaps to grow and share good vibes. We water the growth of our movement with positivity and knowledge.