Thuis, Ontheemd #1

In her first solo performance, artistic centipede Rajae El Mouhandiz takes you to special places and moments in her life with stories, music and beautiful images.

A story about willpower and believing in yourself. About Rajae’s struggle with self-acceptance and the lessons she learned when she decided to leave her home and become an artist at the tender age of fifteen. She also talks frankly about what it is and feels like to be in the middle of an increasingly fierce debate about migration, religion and thinking differently. A show that fascinates and binds. Inspiring and recognizable for everyone, young and old!

Produced in 2017 in collaboration with theater group Urban Myth and the Laak Theater. Director: Jorgen Tjon a Fong, Script: Ayden Dijkstra & Rajae, Music: Rajae + Efraim Trujillo, Mark Milan, Salex C’Qadir, Scenography/Light Design: Coen van der Hoeven, Production: Liekje Welten. The piece was performed in theaters in the Netherlands.