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Ellae =

= interdisciplinary

We believe in storytelling, in exploring, learning, connecting, sharing, creating awareness and building stronger and wiser communities. Within art institutions redefining their role in society and within the underground, on the periphery and everything in between. We have an international network, we use multi-platforms and different disciplines to create awareness, inspire, facilitate engagement and move society forward...with good vibes and positive impact.

= there for young, new and mid-career creators

Creativity is a superpower: it feeds our humanity. We believe in an inclusive arts/creative industry, where talent is valued, nurtured, celebrated, recognized and fairly rewarded.

= there for institutions, organizations and companies, both inside and outside the creative industries

We believe that diversity is not a strategy, but our core identity. Therefore, organizations that want to work with new stories, develop and cultivate new audiences and creators in order to evolve into this new reality. In our experience, inclusiveness only works when it resonates through all layers of organization, corporate structure, partner selection, artistic direction and communication.

= 4th feminist wave

A young generation of thinkers, creatives and doers are disrupting old-fashioned networks, stories, methods and artistic spaces. They are helping to make this world more equal and beautiful. An inclusive world that believes in checks and balances, in East/West/North and South ...

We at Ellae believe in unity in multiplicity and diversity, rather than polarity, and we believe in a reality in which patriarchy is and will remain history ... a world in which you are no longer kept in the dark, kindly asked to shut up, be a muse, not a maker, or worse ... kept small. 

We believe in a world that undoes that and celebrates diversity and unique talent and voices. Ellae aims to create balance, accelerate processes and undo the gender divide. A place where we have all read Chimamanda's "We should all be feminists" and made it our own. A feminism that recognizes and applauds Emma Watson's HeForShe initiative: a fourth feminist wave, with an intersectional approach and with reciprocity and solidarity at its core.

= there for everyone, beyond labels

The world needs your talent, in all your diversity... We believe in solidarity and in a multi-voiced, inclusive society, because we experience that magnified labels, boxes and differences can polarize and create silos. This is why we emphasize talent development and professionalization of talent. Ellae advocates and ensures a caring and safe environment that encourages growth, innovation, resilience and success. We are a community that values harmony in both diversity and complexity. Ellae is a community that welcomes you. Where you can be authentic, as you are and not stereotypical. Where you don't have to be shy and where you can shine your unique, beautiful light on the world.