About Ellae

About Ellae

Ellae is a Creative Impact Platform.


Ellae's mission is to reduce the gender, cultural and socioeconomic divide in the arts and culture sector. We do this by organizing interdisciplinary cultural projects. Ellae enables (female) makers (in the broadest sense of the word) to optimally develop, professionalize and represent themselves in society artistically, personally and professionally, with a focus on art, culture and media. 


Ellae's goal is to improve and broaden the cultural sector's supply chain and artistic canon through creative collaboration between makers. They are powerful together. Knowledge, advice, and guidance are provided collaboratively, resulting in synergy. This type of participation involves not only makers, but also the general public, who is actively involved, questioned, and probed for unmet needs. Furthermore, Ellae aims to create impactful connections between audiences, makers, and institutions through its interdisciplinary approach and multi-voiced perspectives in its research, projects, guidance, platform, and network of makers and productions. As a result, all stakeholders are encouraged to participate, learn from one another, be open, and collaborate.  Some examples of our current projects include telling hidden myths and stories (by organising meetups), sharing content on our platform, using marketing, conducting and publishing research, and, most importantly, creating and sharing artistic content. 

Our ambition is to:

  • address gender inequality; bridge socioeconomic gaps and address cultural disadvantages;
  • balance the maker landscape, chain and canon in the cultural sector; 
  • encourage the growth, professionalization, and representation of (female) creators/artists 

Profile and policies organization

With ingenuity, humor and vulnerability, Ellae's network is ready to provide interdisciplinary support to creators and ensure lasting improvement for their career opportunities.

Ellae is a network of strong, curious and ambitious makers and professionals who redefine art, culture, makership, and success on their own terms. Within the network, there is a strong affinity for gender equality, emancipation, social advancement, and talent development in the arts, culture, and media. 

Ellae has a platform that informs, entertains and inspires. The platform's focus is to facilitate and promote the content and quality of artistic products and experiences. The platform also facilitates meetings between creators, audiences and institutions. 

We consider our creative network, team, and partners to be lifelong learners. We use hard research data to pose and answer critical questions about the status of female artists. Emotions, experiences, and intuition are thus interpreted and channeled holistically through numerical data. As a result, women makers are stronger together. Gender inequality and other issues are thus addressed. As a result, society and its stagnant systems can be positively and constructively altered. 

General core values

  • Multivoicedness;
  • Equity; 
  • Safety; 
  • Future-proof; 
  • Emphasis on authenticity and accessibility; 
  • Support; 
  • Information and space for all;
  • Curiosity.

Inclusiveness = intersectionality  

We value diversity in culture, age, ethnicity, gender, religion, ability, experience and social class. We find ways to infuse this into every element of the organization and presentation. 


We strive to have substantive, genuine and honest conversations about where society and the cultural sector are, and what it will take to grow together. Ellae is familiar with change and is an expert in it. 


Humor is used to deliver stories and messages and to break tension. 

With us, people are our most valuable asset.

Our purpose and mission are reflected in our corporate culture, with a focus on helping smart, ambitious girls and women (in the broadest sense) and men create artistic products. This means that leadership, cultivating the talent in the team and helping each other, through both mentoring and professionalization, is core priority. 

We support and elevate the voices and stories of inspiring (female) creators who create great creative/artistic products. We are selective about projects and partners, and we advocate for long-term development and improvement. We are wary of policymakers' instrumental use of popular policy terms (inclusive, innovative, interconnective, etc.). 

Our house rules

  • We believe in positive communication and mutual support. 
  • Making art is a profession. 
  • Our partners embrace inclusion and fair practice. 
  • We focus on content and artistic quality. 
  • We oppose the instrumental use of people: we serve people and humanity rather than systems. 
  • We believe in long-term partnerships. 
  • We are careful with our team and network of partners and creators.