ellae Academy

For interdisciplinary makers.

Ellae Academy creates artistic space for makers like you, who don't fit into boxes and who develop, create and present layered and multi voiced stories. Together with our partners, we are committed to talent development within the arts, culture and media sectors.

Ellae is a creative impact platform. Our mission is to close the gender, cultural and socioeconomic gap in the arts/culture/media sector, by sharing data to raise awareness, by inspiring with our artistic productions, by nurturing talent at our academy and by improving the sector and helping institutions with our advice.

Ellae Academy supports creators and talents in their artistic and professional development. We are here for everyone, no matter where you are in your formation. Maybe you have a cool idea but feel that telling a story is not for you. Or maybe you've enjoyed making art in the past, but had to put it down due to the corona crisis. If so, we can help you.

For creators with little to no budget, group coaching is a good start because we can offer it in a low-threshold way. For new and mid-career makers who are already working professionally in the industry, a customized program can be discussed. Then it is also possible to make a Werktuig PPO application.

We are here for everyone, no matter where you are in your development.
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Open call: (em)powered by Ellae

We are supporting a number of creators with practical support. Some have already received support this year. Would you also like personal guidance from Ellae? We are making two grants available this year to give you a little push in the direction you want through a small grant and Werktuig PPO! Interested and want to contact us? You can and super simple, send an email to info@ellae.nl or fill out the contact form below and tell us why you and how you want to professionalize your talents.

The D of Diversity and Double Struggle

Women artists are almost always expected to make art with a message: it must be feminist, political, activist or relate to their cultural background. Everything must have multiple existences and demonstrable public interest (non-gang media, unmeasured audiences, international) is ignored. The various art sectors limit female space, which unlike men, must always be argued

Ellaeminati: (not so) secret society

Ellaeminati is a "not so secret society," but one with all kinds of benefits to develop your talent, showcase and expand your knowledge and network. Ellae will begin offering group coaching, meetups and showcases in 2023. This is because there is a great need for offline meetings, networking opportunities, matchmaking and presentation opportunities. Keep an eye on our calendar and socials and sign up for our newsletter for updates on this. If your organization would like to collaborate in this, please leave a message via the contact form. We will be happy to show you how we have done this before and who we have already partnered with to increase our impact together.

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The mosaic ceiling

For female makers with a migration background, it is a double struggle. What often makes their artistic journey complex, unnecessarily hard and heavy are rigid, bureaucratic systems and stereotypes, imposed gender roles, (self) censorship and even threats, because of the desire to tell urgent social stories and to break through censorship, taboos and glasses ceilings. As a result, Ellae observes that many makers drop out early or remain trapped in desired stereotypes and gender roles in order to be accepted. This group of creators requires more than just production assistance and artistic direction. Support in meeting this dual challenge, as well as the underlying emancipation process, is just as important for this group of creators as talent development, professionalization, production support, and artistic guidance. Currently, the sector's supply chain lacks knowledge of and experience in guiding these talents. Ellae wishes to undertake this task in collaboration with its partners.