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Would you like to support us? You can!

Would you like to contribute to countering the gender, cultural and socioeconomic gap in the arts, culture and media sector? Then support us with a donation. We are grateful for every donation. Would you also like to support us, but don't have that much to spend? Then remember that all the small amounts add up to a lot of impact, and that your contribution also makes a lot of impact.

Ellae is designated by the tax authorities as a cultural ANBI (Institution for General Benefit), which makes periodic donations to us fiscally advantageous. Donations made to our foundation can, within the applicable rules, be deducted from the income or corporate tax. This is interesting for our donors, because a donation costs them less.

You decide whether you want to make a one-time, monthly, annual or multi-year donation. We are grateful for every contribution! The online donation form allows you to select a one-time, monthly or annual amount of your choice. Payments are processed through an SSL secure system and you pay via existing online or mobile payment platforms. We have also added an option below to donate securely via Crypto. Would you like to support Ellae with a legacy? If so, please contact us at info@ellae.nl and we can discuss options.

For more information on all donation options, read the FAQ below.


What are the donation options?

Ellae has a cultural ANBI status. Donors to cultural ANBIs receive an additional gift deduction. We process personal data for our donor administration, fundraising programs and to inform you about our activities. If you do not wish to receive this information, you can notify us in writing at any time at info@ellae.nl. Donor data will not be provided to third parties.

You can manually transfer an amount to IBAN: NL76INGB0006505412 in the name of Ellae Foundation, ovv 'Donation'

If so, please use IBAN: NL76INGB0006505412 and BIC INGBNL2A in the name of Ellae Foundation, o.v. 'Donation'

Donations can be made manually by bank transfer, through an SSL-secured online donation page via iDEAL, Bancontact, Sofort or SEPA Debit or Credit Card. You can earmark your contribution and you can also anonymize your contribution, in which case your details are known only to us. You can also dedicate your donation in honor or memory of a loved one.

Click here to donate in Crypto. If you want a receipt for donation deduction, please do enter your name and email address and we will send you a receipt once the donation is verified on the blockchain. If the receipt does not have enough information, please email us at info@ellae.nl with additional information, and we will provide a completed receipt.

Individuals may multiply a gift to a cultural ANBI by 1.25 in their income tax return and deduct it as a gift. Donors to cultural ANBIs are subject to an additional gift deduction. Visit Ellae's ANBI Calculator at the top of this page to calculate your personal tax benefit.

Companies subject to corporate income tax may deduct 1.5 times the amount of such a gift in their corporate tax return. Visit Ellae's ANBI Calculator at the top of this page to calculate your personal tax benefit.

Through a gift, bequest or legacy to Ellae, you can make a real difference. Everything you donate or bequeath benefits Ellae's mission in full. We are especially grateful for periodic gifts because they enable us to plan ahead. You can get a tax break when you give money or items to charity. This is how the government tries to encourage you to donate gifts to charities. However, there are conditions attached. For example, it must be a donation to an ANBI (algemeen nut beogende instelling). You must also transfer the same amount of money to the same charity for at least 5 years. We call this a periodic donation. It is important to properly record the periodic donation. You do not have to do this in a notarial deed (previously this was required), you can use these forms from the tax authorities. If you make a periodic gift to a cultural ANBI, you can increase it by 25% for tax deduction.

In a will, you can have your personal wishes recorded and you can decide to whom you want to leave your inheritance. By including Ellae in your will, you can let your ideals live on. Everything you leave behind benefits Ellae's mission and is completely free of inheritance tax. Because we are an ANBI, we do not have to pay gift or inheritance tax and the entire amount benefits our foundation. How you want to bequeath to Ellae is entirely up to you. In your will you can specify exactly how you want it. You can choose a bequest, in which you leave a fixed amount or inheritance to Ellae Foundation. You also have the choice to appoint Ellae as (co-)heir, with which you allocate a certain percentage of your assets to Ellae. In doing so, you can specify what percentage of this estate you allocate. Contact us at info@ellae.nl, and we can discuss the possibilities and our donation policy for gifts. Ellae will send you a receipt anyway, with your name and email address. It is critical to consult your tax advisor before making a donation. We are available to answer questions, but unfortunately we cannot provide tax or legal advice.

Would you like to be a sponsor? Or would you like to be a strategic partner of Ellae? You can do so from a variety of sectors. We can facilitate, raise awareness and inspire in different ways. Then together we address the gender, socioeconomic and cultural divide and can then also measure impact together and communicate results to the world. Send an email to: info@ellae.nl, and we can discuss the possibilities.

Ellae subscribes to the Fair Practice Code, Governance Code Culture and Diversity & Inclusion Code and ensures that the principles of the codes are adhered to by the organization and its partners. Ellae is mainly financially dependent on private donors, corporate partners, foundations, wealth funds and government grants. Donations allow us to address and reduce the gender, cultural and socioeconomic divide in the arts, culture and media sector. Raising donations enables us to achieve impact with our projects, which is why we welcome every contribution. For Ellae, clarity, transparency and clarity about the owner of the money are central as well as what Ellae does with the donations obtained. Therefore, we provide as much information as possible about how we use the funds and the results and impact we achieve. However, we are not in a position to check the circumstances of each individual donation. If a donation raises questions, we will ask the donor to clarify the source of the donation and apply an ethical policy, in consultation with our board and financial and legal experts. If we are approached by organizations and companies we question, we will first ask critical questions to understand intentions and avoid co-option of our mission and if intentions are merely cosmetic, Ellae will not accept donations.