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Talent Development

At Ellae Academy you can get mentoring and coaching, individually or in groups, with the aim of further developing as a creator. We can offer you guidance across the entire scope of your project, but you can also come to us for support in starting or developing your idea. In short, we can tailor a talent development program to suit your exact needs.

Ellae has a warm network and uses her network to make a lot of creative impact: for talent, for our productions, for the sector and for society. We do this with our own methodology and this is how we continue to build a platform that is structurally engaged in creative impact. We link everything together so that everyone can take full advantage of development, opportunities and growth. Because we believe that there is enough room for everyone to shine and also that the world will be a better and more beautiful place if opportunities are shared more equally.

Young, new or mid-career talent? We are here for you and offer you concrete support
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Unity in diversity

Ellae Academy supports creators and talents in their artistic and professional development. We are here for everyone, no matter where you are in your formation. Maybe you have a cool idea but feel that telling a story is not for you. Or maybe you enjoyed making art in the past but had to put it down as a result of the Corona crisis. Then we can help you.

Sustain your makership

With Ellae Academy, we offer a safe artistic space, where you can be completely yourself as a person and maker, allowing you to focus on your artistic development. Creators can be guided one-on-one or in groups. We help you develop your creative project(s) and bring your talent and project(s) to the attention of the cultural field. Don't be shy.... You got this!