Modest Fashion: an international phenomenon in art and fashion

Exhibition The creations of this vanguard are fashionable and covered up. Women who do not want to participate in the "aesthetics of nudity" wear it, believer or not. While the mini-skirt was once seen as a feminist statement, now women, above all, want to be free and decide for themselves how they show themselves to the world: pick and choose! Modest fashion goes [...]

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Home, Displaced: Preliminary Research and Co-creation

In 2016, Rajae conducted six months of research in The Hague on how 90 residents of Laak and Moerwijk in The Hague experience the feeling of home and displacement. This resulted in a series of portraits ism photographer Sander Stoepker, an exhibition at the Laaktheater in The Hague and de Balie in Amsterdam and an online [...]

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Home, Displaced #1 & #2

Home, Uprooted #1 In her first solo performance, artistic jack-of-all-trades Rajae El Mouhandiz takes you to special places and moments in her life with stories, music and beautiful images. A story about willpower and believing in yourself. About Rajae's struggles with self-acceptance and the lessons she learned when she decided at fifteen to give up her [...]

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MUSLIMA: Art & Voices

Muslim Women: Art & Voices Muslima: Muslim Women's Art & Voices is an initiative of the International Museum of Women (IMOW), now Global Fund for Women. The online exhibition presents a groundbreaking collection of thinking and artworks by contemporary Muslim women that define their own identities and, in the process, shatter pervasive stereotypes. Discover works by [...]

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A rare voice in theater

Pioneering In 2012, Rajae El Mouhandiz was approached by the British Council to attend the European premiere of The Hijabi Monologues in Dublin, along with a larger group of EU-based participants. A series of meetings later took place with the American team behind The Hijabi Monologues in Dublin and Brussels, with the [...]

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